For Heavy Duty Automotive and Machine Shop Cleaning and Degreasing

STEAMITE "D" was originally formulated for heavy duty industrial cleaning and to assist in the rapid removal of heavily encrusted hydrocarbon type soils. The product will rapidly penetrate and loosen oil, grease, and stubborn carbonized soil thereby reducing time and labor costs of equipment cleaning. STEAMITE "D" was specifically formulated for environmental safety and compatibility in waste water treatment and recycling systems. In addition to heavy equipment cleaning STEAMITE "D" has proven to be an excellent hot and cold tank degreaser and has won approval in numerous industrial cleaning applications. STEAMITE "D" is truly and industrial strength degreaser. STEAMITE "D" contains no corrosive or caustics and is biodegradable. It is safe for personnel, and will not harm skin or hands when used as directed.

--- Suggested Uses ---

Heavy Equipment Degreasing              Using a garden type sprayer, apply liberal amount of 1:10 dilution of Steamite "D" to the oil and grease encrusted areas and allow a 5 to 10 minute dwell time followed with steam/pressure washing. Steam/Pressure Washing                                                Use Steamite "D" at dilutions of 1 to as much as 4 ounces per gallon of water at the gun.
Engine Degreasing                                        Depending upon the severity of soil, use Steamite "D" in dilutions of 1:5 to 1:10.   Spray entire engine, allow dwell time, and pressure/steam wash. Garbage Trucks & Refuse Containers         Depending upon severity of soil, use Steamite "D" concentrate or dilute with water, followed with pressure washing.
Truck/Bus Frames, Wheels & Tires Apply Steamite "D" to frame, fuel tanks, mud-flaps, wheels and tires to rapidly remove gray road film and oxidation. Cold Tank Degreasing                                                           Use Steamite "D" diluted with 1:5 to as much as 1:10 parts of water.   Allow parts to soak.  Rinse and dry.
Hot Tank Degreasing                                       Dilute Steamite "D" with 1:5 to as much as 1:10 parts of water.  Do not exceed 180 degrees F.   Allow parts to soak and then rinse thoroughly with water.  To prevent flash rusting, follow water rinse with a solution of K184 or K123 corrosion inhibitor. Floors & Industrial Manufacturing Areas        Depending upon the soil type (oil, grease, inks, etc.) and method of application (mop, auto-scrubber), Steamite "D" can be diluted 2 ounces to as much as 10 ounces per gallon of water.  Apply solution, allow short dwell time, scrub and pickup spent solution.
Printing Equipment, Printing Plates   Use Steamite "D" in concentrate or dilute with equal parts of water.  Apply with sprayer or towel.  Wipe dry.  For best results, experiment with different dilution ratios for cleaning various types of ink.


STEAMITE "D" is an industrial product and not intended for household use. Keep out of reach of children

STEAMITE "D" is available in 55 gallon drums and bulk totes

STEAMITE "D" - One Product For All Of Your Cleaning/Degreasing Needs

User Safe - Environmentally Safe - Economical To Use