A Truly Exceptional Industrial Cleaning Product

    The orginal Steamite formulation was developed in 1947 by Roy Smith, the founder of Cal-Tek, Industries, and a patent was granted citing the products unique formulation, its safe components and the extraordinary cleaing ability displayed over a wide range of soil conditions.
    Steamite has weathered the test of time.  In recent years, many products have been eliminated because of non-conformance to the new environmental lasw and health and safety regulations.  Not only has Steamite survived the scrutiny of the regulatory agencies, it has been recognized as a safe and viable alternative for many of the industrial cleaning products that have recently been banned.
    Over forty years ago, Roy Smith unknowingly developed a modern 1990s chemical cleaning product; a product that satisfies OSHA requirements for user safety, a product that meets local, state and federal EPA regulations, a product that meets the new California air pollution (VOC) standards, and above all, a product that is economical and highly effective in a wide range of institutional and industrial applications.
STEAMITE Superb Cleaning Ability

User Safe    Environmentally Safe     Economical to Use